Each month a world-wide organization called Creative Mornings hosts a meet-up for local creatives to attend, be inspired by a speaker, and meet like-minds.
The Creative Mornings' Cleveland Chapter adds another level of creative endorsement and encourages local artists to design a monthly artist card based on a quote from that month's theme and speaker presentation.
I attended the event in January--the theme was Anxiety and our speaker was Claire Campbell. Naturally, the theme of anxiety resonated strongly with me, but listening to Campbell dive into a subject I personally notice as frequently brushed over, I was enthralled to illustrate her speech--a speech that took the words out of my head and in put in a space that I felt relateable to someone else.
I designed the illustration with the sense of a tarot card, where there are two meanings to every card depending on the way you are looking at it. Naturally, the illustration right side up is a tea cup symbolizing self-love and care. But turned the other way, the illustration is a street lamp, symbolizing a "light" of focus or "shedding light" on a single moment. Of course both highlighting the idea of being mindful of small acts and bringing ones attention to the present.
Jakprints, for being such a wonderful part of the Cleveland Chapter
and of course, our always fantastic host, Thomas Fox!